APPI believes that governance systems in India is dysfunctional. The failure of governance systems affects the marginalized groups and communities the most.

APPI is firm in its belief that robust governance models can be created by energising community-based accountability mechanisms, strengthening grassroots democracy, mobilizing community and civil society groups that can lead to a just, equitable, humane and sustainable society.

In the last 6 months, APPI has given grants to seven partners in the areas of: developing grassroots accountability and women leadership; bringing transparency and accountability in the electoral process; providing voice and agency to the most marginalized; just and equitable access to civic services; strengthening service delivery through improved women participation; improving civic services through strengthening local democracy and support legislative system in improving the services at village level.

In the coming six months, APPI will continue its Value-in-itself grants under governance themes: Data for public goods and building public spirited institutions; direct benefit transfer (DBT) and community mobilization; courts and criminal justice; local democracy; data and institutions and citizen rights and community mobilization. This will be followed by initiation of strategic grant making using theory of change in the identified governance themes.

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