Vulnerable Groups

APPI’s work with Vulnerable Groups ties in with its vision of building a just, equitable, humane and sustainable society. Vulnerability is a multi-dimensional barrier that prevents several groups and communities from leading their lives in a dignified manner.

Although vulnerability has historical roots, it is still a part of contemporary India. It leads to severe disempowerment and millions of Indians are denied access to basic rights and justice

APPI, in it’s brief history, has worked with these groups including Adolescent Girls, Street Children, Homeless, Undertrials, victims and survivors of Domestic Violence, Small and Marginal Farmers, People with Disabilities and Dalits. Organizations that work with these groups in providing services and access to rights are a part of our grantee portfolio.

APPI will continue to remain committed to the cause of Vulnerable Groups by identifying other organizations that we can support or deepening our work with existing grantees.