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At philanthropic initiatives, our focus is to actively champion those who are disadvantaged, discriminated against or are denied basic freedoms. People who are often overlooked in the development process and are oppressed or let down by the very system meant to benefit them.

To make a tangible difference in their lives, we know it is critical to look at the cause as well as the consequence. And take on seemingly insurmountable social, societal and systemic challenges.

To that end, we fully support insightful approaches that aim to achieve clear, compelling outcomes--within a community, common framework, or complex social set up.

We are unwaveringly committed to partners, projects and proactive actions that will result in real change on the ground.

So that we can we bring about the greatest good for the greatest number.


We support grant partners with proven expertise, credibility and track record. And we back issues or initiatives with the potential for both profound and positive impact. Through our largest portfolio of grants, our Vulnerable Groups focus area, we seek to advance interventions wide ranging in size and scope. Here, we endorse work that is diverse in range, deep in terms of reach, and demonstrable when it comes to impact. Through our Governance focus area, we seek to achieve far reaching reform by energising local communities and enabling sustained people-participation in policy-making at the panchayat level. And create awareness and access to basic freedoms and Constitutionally-guaranteed rights. We fund focused actions such as the Reducing Stunting programme in Odisha under our Nutrition focus area.